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Carbon Neutral Metaverse

The benchmark for a Carbon Neutral Metaverse

What is Green Meta

What is Green Meta

"A digital economic world that focuses on driving global carbon neutrality goals through metaverse applications"

In the face of the grand goal of sustainable development for human civilization, Green Meta is committed to deeply exploring the potential of blockchain and metaverse technologies,aims to build a high-throughput and high-transaction-per-second (TPS) ecological public chain, guides participation in environmental protection activities through a carbon-neutral metaverse token economy. Based on the interactions of consensus participants and ecological development partners in environmental protection metaverse games, corresponding token rewards are provided. Green Meta continuously creates innovative carbon-neutral metaverse DAOs, commercial ecosystems, and economic mechanisms, empowering humanity to realize the great vision of carbon neutrality.

Five reasons to choose Green Meta

Five reasons to choose Green Meta

Timing in the Race
Seizing Opportunities

Carbon neutrality is the survival objective, while the metaverse represents the technological trend. By converging these two forces, we aim to create a benchmark for a carbon-neutral metaverse digital economy.

Elite Team
Resource Gathering

Obtain the support and venture capital of international institutions related to carbon neutrality, and have an experienced founding executive team and consultants with global vision.

Leading Public
Chain Technology

The underlying Pantanal public chain originates from the Ethereum public chain, inheriting its technological prowess while introducing innovations in consensus mechanisms and gas.

Clear Strategic Vision
Effective Execution

The four stages of Green Meta's development strategy, from DID, NFT to social, games, education, public welfare, to carbon data management credit and carbon digital DEX

Innovative Design
Abundant Delight

At the intersection of carbon neutrality and metaverse energy, many interesting gameplays of DID and NFT have emerged, allowing users to start play-to-earn (P2E).


Green Meta Governance Token - CCM

The Green Meta is powered by the CCM token which is a utility token that has a total supply of 10b. With CCM users will be able to access a virtual world dedicated entirely to sustainability and submit to community votes, pay for NFTs and other content within Green Meta, and explore various yield generating games & strategies. It serves as the universal currency with Green Meta.

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 tokens.


Operation Mechansim

Three Core Modules

Free registration: Get DID → Complete the task → Get carbon energy → Advanced elves → Explore the lucky/surprise blind box
Invite Friends: Level up as an Elf and earn more carbon energy. Maintain a permanent referral relationship to receive ongoing referral rewards.

1. Interaction Module

2. NFT Module

Purchase NFT Carbon Trees to obtain carbon indices and further acquire carbon credits (CCM).
Purchase NFT Carbon Trees → Water with carbon energy to earn carbon credits → Convert carbon credits to carbon credits (CCM) by planting carbon trees on NFT land.
Purchase NFT Land to receive seed profits, leasing income, and DAO tax revenue.
Purchase NFT Land → Based on the carbon indices of the planted carbon trees on the land, earn seed profits, leasing income (CCM), and DAO tax revenue (CCM).

Stake CCM to earn staking rewards (CCM).

3. Staking Module


DAO Equity


Carbon Energy Benefits

Users can create a DID identity for free,and complete tasks to earn carbon energy.Invite friends and level up as an Elf and earn more carbon energy. Carbon energy is tradable and can be gifted.

Carbon Tree NFT Rights

Carbon Trees NFT come with a Carbon Index, and only those who possess a Carbon Index can obtain Carbon Credits/Carbon Rights (CCM)
Carbon Tree NFT also has the following interests:Promotion Rights+Advancement Rights+Production Rights+Construction Rights+Voting Rights+Priority Rights+Reward Rights+More rights will be added gradually

CCM Equity

CCM is obtained through the interaction of carbon trees NFT and land NFT CCM.CCM serves as a general equivalent in the economic value system of Green Meta and functions as the universal currency within the Green Meta.It is utilized in various scenarios within the Green Meta ecosystem, such as DAO organization construction, ecological development, voting mechanisms, environmental philanthropy, and enterprise blockchain integration. 

Blind Boxes Benefits

Spend carbon energy to participate in Explore Lucky/Surprise Blind Boxes,you can obtain carbon energy/NFT carbon trees/CCM carbon rights/seeds/BNB/ETH/other valuable assets.

Land NFT Benefits

Owning land NFTs in Green Meta is equivalent to becoming a landowner. The land NFTs provide seed income, leasing income, DAO Tax income and other rights. Land NFT absorbs all the rights of Carbon Tree NFTs,Ownership of high-weight voting rights in DAO organizations,Growth rights,Appreciation potential,Dividend rights in DAO business and applications,sage rights in DAO business and applications.And more rights will be gradually added in the future.

Green Meta DAO

" Meta Green DAO is a decentralized community of environmental leaders and enthusiasts that are committed to leveraging web 3 technology to address the global climate crises. As a member of the DAO you can acquire NFTs and participate in different initiatives and games held in the metaverse that drive positive impact in the real world. There are five key components to Meta Green:"


Technical Features

Six Core Technologies: BIGANT Empowering Carbon Neutrality

Blockchain Technology

Interactivity Technology

Game Engine and Twin Engine Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Comprehensive Intelligent Network Technology

Internet of Things (IoT)


Non-Fungible Token 



Initiated in 2021 and launched in July 2023

Phase One (2023 Q3)

Green Meta DAO Organization - Interaction
July: DID (Digital Identity Identification)
August: NFT (Digital Asset Verification)
September: DAO (Form of Organization)

Phase Three (2024)

Green Meta Digital Economy - Economy and Governance
Enterprise Carbon Data Management Scenario 
Enterprise Carbon Data Credit Scenario
Digital Derivative DEX :Carbon Asset DEX, NFT Trading,Carbon Credit

After 2025

comprehensive open ecological,empower the global carbon-neutral industry

promote the sustainable development of mankind, Become the global environmental protection meta-universe industry benchmark.

Phase Two (2023 Q4)

Green Meta Ecosystem - Business and Applications
Social Scenes Based on Digital-Human Interactive 
Play the games, save the Earth.
Education: Metaverse Eco Academy 
Environmental Carbon Neutrality Philanthropy 

Phase Four (2025)

Green Meta New World:

A Benchmark in the Digital Economy of Carbon-Neutral Metaverse
Collaborating with Other Metaverse Societies
Empowering Global Environmental Carbon Neutrality Initiatives

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